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Why I Chose Lemongrass Spa!

I’d love to share a little from my heart with you. Even if you were a teensy bit interested in what life is like for me with Lemongrass Spa – keep reading.

It is seriously the BEST. JOB. EVER.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was feeling a little isolated and wanting to do something while MOM-ing. Then, I discovered Lemongrass Spa.

I have always been a worker and a leader and when I moved over seas with my hubby and couldn’t – it was a bit tough for me. It was the perfect time to start a family and after 14 years of marriage it was a huge shift in our family dynamics and what my typical role or identity looked like. I spent a lot of time in retail management prior with Bath and Body Works and Walgreens (Legacy Rite Aid) and was an avid shopper at Sephora and Ulta.

In came Lemongrass Spa after my son turned a year and I was starting to pay more attention to what I was putting on him and using on myself. I thought if things were Dermatologist and Doctor Recommended then they must be safe – well – not necessarily. I immediately saw a difference in my skin after 3 days and was highly impressed that my life long acne issues seemed to have cleared up.

Ever since then I have changed over my entire skincare, bodycare, and makeup to Lemongrass Spa as well as the main products I use on my two little boys because they deserve only the best.

I have had the best support from leaders in the organization – and even ladies that I would consider my sisters from other teams but we just get along and have fun – even all the way to the top from Heidi Leist who is just so encouraging and a genuine soul to be around.

I hope you enjoy my reasons for why I started and why I continue to be on the Lemongrass Spa journey – thank you for tuning in. If I can help you find your happy then message me – m.me/dena.lemongrass or send me an email denasathomespa@gmail.com – I look forward to hearing from you.

This business has been a game-changer for my family and I love talking to others that might be in a similar spot. I’d love to answer any questions that have crossed your mind even if you have a tiny bit of curiosity! What do you think? Click Here to Join the Family!

PS: I know phone calls can be challenging while juggling all the things. Feel free to simply reply with any questions or shoot me a text at 410.881.8202, too! 🙂