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Welcome 👋 Welcome 👋

So glad you’re here! I’m Dena Gregory and thrilled to virtually connect with you! Let me share a bit about myself …I’m a military spouse 🇺🇸 and have been married for 18 years 💍 After 14 years we decided to have some kiddos – so I’m an older momma but loving it and wouldn’t have it any other way! Grant is 4🥹and Sawyer just turned TWO🥰

We love to travel – especially internationally 🌎 and my favorite place is the beach 🏖️

I am also pretty passionate about helping families ditch their toxic and chemically laden products for clean, natural, and most importantly affordable ones!

Tell me a little about YOURSELF!

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What We’re About

Lemongrass Spa uses only the cleanest and most natural ingredients available. We are Gluten Free, Phthalate Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly, and Made in the USA 🇺🇸 

Lemongrass Spa just celebrated 20 years last year and I’m so excited to be a part of such an amazing company that keeps things affordable for their customers!

Check out the video of Heidi Leist – our founder explain how Lemongrass Spa got started👇🏻

What chemicals are you wearing?

I double dare you to go to your bathroom or kitchen and start reading the labels of what’s in your everyday skincare and body care items! If they have any of the ingredients that are on the “How Many Chemicals Are You Wearing?” then lets’ chat!

Lemongrass Spa says NO to ALL OF THIS ⬇️ 

💀 Synthetic fragrances

💀 Parabens  

💀 Retinol 

💀 Sulfates


💀 Talc ~ Potentially contaminated with asbestos 😱

💀 Triclosan

💀 Phthalates ~ Hormone Disrupters

💀 PEGS ~ Polyethylene Glycols

💀 Nanoparticles

💀 Mineral Oil

Text me 410.881.8202 with what ONE item you’d really like to ditch forever for an entry for a prize 🎁

Top 20 Products

I would love to show you everything in the catalog in this Scroll Party but I don’t want to overwhelm you. There are so many amazing things to share so I thought you might like to see what the Customer favorites are.

Lots of different categories so if you want to learn more about something in particular then text me (410.881.8202) what you want to hear more about ⬇️

A. Skincare

B. Body Care

C. Hair Care

D. Makeup

E. Natural Solutions



Family Essentials

I always like to share about our Family Essentials first – these are Products With a Purpose! Do you want to clean up your medicine cabinet and eliminate those toxins?

Our Healing Elements is by far my most used – followed by Revival and Recovery and most recently the Soothing Balm in stead of Vicks Vapor Rub for my sons cold! I keep them pretty much everywhere – each bathroom, car, stroller, diaper bag.

These can all be purchased a la carte in a 6oz tub or a 1oz stick, or you can create your own 3 Pack!

💙 Healing Elements – our best seller! Use it on everything from diaper rash to eczema to bruises!

🧡 Recovery Balm – a must-have for athletes! Use this on pulled muscles, sore muscles, or sprains!

🤎 Revival Balm – great for inflammation and sore muscles!

💚 Soothing Balm- Think of it as a natural replacement for Vick’s!

💛 Restore Balm – Our newest addition to the Balm Family! It utilizes an ancient blend of frankincense and myrrh, plus a little citrus, to create a protective barrier over deeply damaged skin.


Simple Skin

Do you struggle with Acne, uneven skin tone, dry spots, rosacea, other sensitive skin issues?

I have seen even the 3 step Starter Set give people amazing results in less than one week.

And guess what – you can get a 3 Step Solution for less then $60 plus a little goes a LONG way so you might get anywhere from 4-8 months depending on your usage – wow!


Do you have sensitive skin or looking for an anti-aging solution? Are you looking for a Makeup Remover?

Our Restore Glow Collection is oil based and helps bring moisture to super dry skin. I personally use the Gentle Face Creme because I’m in my 40s so that makes a huge difference too.

The Cleansing Balm is your Go To Makeup Remover because it is so gentle on the skin and can be used to remove eye makeup without irritation and has even been brought to me attention as helping lashes grow for some folks!


Do you have normal to dry skin? Do you love the smell of light florals?

Our Naturally Radiant Collection is best for normal to dry skin and is the first collection I started off with.  I immediately saw a reduction in the redness in my complexion after 2 days of using it. I was using CeraVe which is dermatologist recommended but filled with so many chemicals – I had NO IDEA! My face was very happy I switched to something that had ZERO chemicals and fragrance.


Do you have combination to oily skin?

Our Beautifully Balanced Collection is best for those with combination to oily skin. Tea tree is an amazing natural ingredient and helps to stop the overproduction of oils in the face.

Have you tried tea tree before and didn’t like the smell? Lemongrass Spa doesn’t have synthetic fragrances in any of our products and this line does NOT have that medicinal scent you might be used to.



I love that Lemongrass Spa offers a variety of coverage options.

Do you want just to even out your skin tone? Then check out the NEW Tinted Moisturizer – MY FAVORITE!

Do you want to have a little bit of coverage? Then our Liquid Foundation might be best for you!

Do you need more coverage? Then our Mineral Powder Foundation would be best for you and our Mineral Starter Kit is LESS THEN $60 😮

Text 410.881.8202 if you would like a one-on-one color matching to see what would work best for you 😉 No obligation!

Cheek & Lip Tints

These are my NEW ultimate favorite makeup enhancer.  These sticks can function as blush, eyeshadow, or lipsticks!

Choose from 4 different shades to match your skin tone the best.

🖌️ Chiffon

👁️ Desert (My Favorite Blush Color)

💄 Rose

💋 Boysenberry (My Favorite Lip Color)

I’d love to know what your thoughts are so if you want to connect then don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you might have.

Eye Shadow & Blush

Lemongrass Spa’s Sheer Mineral formula provides a gentler approach to creating coverage, which makes it less likely to trigger reactions in sensitive and acne-prone skin. Instead of chemical dyes, our mineral makeup uses natural ingredients that allow the skin to breathe more freely.

I LOVE the Sugar & Spice Highlighter and Bronzer Palette as well as the Cocoa Confection Baked Eyeshadow Palettes. So if you don’t like a loose powder then we have options!


What is the one makeup item you can’t leave the house without putting on? For me – it’s the Tinted Moisturizer but for a lot of you I know it’s Mascara!

Have you been searching for the perfect Masacara? Today is your lucky day because we have TWO. The original organic mascara in black and BROWN.

And the ever popular Sheer Volume  which has buildable properties to make your lashes look crazy long!

Hair Care

Hair Loss

Do you see that wispy hair growth?

This is my own personal testimony of how Lemongrass Spa products helped my post partum/Covid Hair Loss.

It was getting BAD – Clumps and clumps of hair coming out. I started using the Scalp Scrub which helped brought the blood circulation to my scalp which helped encourage the regrowth in addition to the Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner every two to three days. The Rosemary Mint Collection will gently clarify the hair without stripping the natural oils required to maintain healthy locks.

Do you have hair loss issues? Let me know if I can help 410.881.8202

Organic Argan Oil

Our Organic Argan Oil is an amazing multi-tasking organic oil to condition skin, hair and nails. Along with my hair loss I had an itchy dry scalp so the night before I would use the Scalp Scrub and Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner I would apply the Argan oil – two droppers evenly distributed among my scalp.

It’s packed with vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids and helps boost elasticity and hydrates, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished. Another great feature is that it supports hair and scalp health, adds shine and reduces frizz. My hair has never felt so soft after using this oil 🤩

Shampoo & Conditioners

There is an amazing variety of Shampoo and Conditioners to choose from. The most recent addition to our catalog is the Prebiotic – did you know that we are the first in the Direct Sales industry to have a product – and to be all clean and natural is even more amazing! I like using this in between my Rosemary washes especially this time of year. In the winter I prefer the Apple or Coconut for the extra moisture. If you have curly hair then your locks need the Apple or Sunkissed Coconut to keep those curls hydrated 🥥

Hair Extras

In addition to using a hair mask once or twice a week we have some amazing styling products in our lineup.

My ultimate favorite is our Dry Shampoo – it helps tame the oils if I have to wait an extra day to wash my hair. It is a fan favorite for many. Another must have hair product – IMO – is our leave in conditioner – it will make your hair amazingly soft.

The Sea Salt Spray will help bring on a natural curl and the Hair Serum can help tame flyaways.

If you have any questions about hair products and usage then don’t hesitate to text 410.881.8202

Body Care

Body Polish

OK – you’re applying lotion ALL DAY LONG and you are still CRACKING and FLAKING and DRY – WHY?

It’s super important to slough away all the DEAD, DRY SKIN to allow your skin to get the moisture it needs! How do I do that Dena?! I’m so glad you asked!

Have you ever heard of body polish?
The Lemongrass Spa body polishes are an amazing way to exfoliate and moisturize in the shower! They make an awesome pre-shaving treatment and also help to get smooth skin on your elbows, knees, or other dry areas.
There are so many amazing scents to choose from check out all your options through the link ⬇️


Our Hand and Body Lotions are a lightweight daily hand and body moisturizer with a soft finish. Aloe vera provides soothing hydration and moisture while shea butter softens and helps boost skin elasticity. Even the almond oil nourishes and smooths dry skin. It will quickly absorb and give lasting moisture for silky smooth skin.

Are you needing a little bit more to nourish your skin? Then check out MY Favorite – Honey Glow Body Oil or the Body Icings!

Another Favorite is the Body Serums in our Luxury Spa Collections 🧖‍♀️

You can always check out all the different Spa Collections ⬇️

Natural Frangrances

Don’t “mist” out on our Hydrating Body Spritz! The best thing about our Hydrating Body Spritzes is how many uses you can find for them. Of course, they hydrate 💦your skin with moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (fabulous for dry fall skin). But they’re also a natural alternative to perfume, a fantastic room spray, and a leave-in conditioner/detangler!

There is also our Luxury Hair and Body Mist which is a great multi purpose product that is a favorite to many 🥰

If you want an all day long fragrance then use all three to “layer” your scents.


Do you know you have sensitive skin? Do you have a nut 🥜 allergy? Do you get irritated easily when using products that aren’t clean and natural?

Our Hydrating Body Creme is NUT FREE 🥜 🌰

As far as skin and personal care products – fragrance-free is a must and I’ve got you😉
Lemongrass Spa makes it easy by providing 100% fragrance-free and nontoxic skin and body care. Free of such known irritants as salicylates, fragrance, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients, Lemongrass Spa’s unscented collection is effective. It gives your allergy-prone skin the relief you need and the radiant, healthy skin you deserve.

Check out the link below for a great gift if you know anyone undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation- the best non-toxic products for super dry skin.

Do you have a coconut or aloe allergy? We have a list of products that don’t have these ingredients too! Text 410.881.8202 for a copy of the lists.

June Specials

Body Polish Special

Sandalwood is our newest Men’s Scent and it’s amazing IMO.

It’s enhanced with an earthy and refined balance of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and citrus 🍊

Be sure to snag it this month for your special loved one – guys and girls love this one! My hubby loves the deodorant.

In addition to the Sandalwood – ALL of the Body Polishes and some other favorite scrubs are 15% Off this month only.

Free Gift 🎁

Who doesn’t love FREE gifts 🎁?

With any $100 purchase you get this cute and functional bag for your car, the beach or pool, or just an everyday shopping tote!

”Here Comes the Sun” is perfect bag to “tote around” for the upcoming Summer Season.


There is 2 bottle collection normally $22! This month grab the 8oz bottle for $10 with a $50 Purchase!

Such an amazing value and actually works at keeping bugs away.  When we use it on our nightly outings we haven’t had any issues unless we forgot to spray. I sprayed my one year old on his clothes and around the stroller and before my dog passed I would always spray it on his back and neck. Lemongrass Spa cannot claim that it repels ticks but when I have used it I’ve never seen one on us and my house backs up to the wood line.

Oh and biggest factor for me – IT’S DEET FREE!


My products of the Season: Aloe Vera Gel and Prebiotic Facial Mist

Testimony is shared with permission and not mine!

Aloe vera has been used in skin care for centuries, loved for its nourishing and healing properties, not to mention as an all-out superstar for soothing sunburns.
But its benefits don’t end there.

Lemongrass Spa Aloe Vera Cooling Gel is a soothing anti-inflammatory that helps heal and hydrate inflamed skin.
That’s why it’s used to treat cuts, grazes, burns, and insect bites, offering instant relief. Aloe and spirulina form a protective barrier on the skin, helping it retain moisture and promote healing.
It can be used as an all-over moisturizer or as a spot treatment.

TIP: add a small amount to the hair for a soft texture and reduce frizziness – yep – it can be used as a hair gel too!

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Join the Family

I say “Join the Family” because it truly is just that.

I have been a Lemongrass Spa consultant for 3.5 years now and I am still in love 🥰 I love helping people find more natural and healthier options for their families! I originally got my kit (before I received my first order) because I was an avid Bath & Body Works fan – I used to be a manager there! And I loved going to Sephora and Ulta multiple times a month. After I had my son I really started thinking about what I was using on him and then thought I should probably be just as concerned for my own skincare! And that’s what led me to you! SO THANK YOU! I have an amazing leader who continues to support me and I love helping other women reach their own health and wellness goals and even some financial goals too. Check out the opportunity video if you are interested and then click the Join Button ⬇️

How can I help you on this journey?

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Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out all things Lemongrass Spa!  I hope you’ve found some amazing clean, nontoxic items for you and your family to ditch and switch to.

Tammie and I are super excited you came and glad you took some time to hang out. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ANY questions.

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